The idea of “doing Europe” has changed over the last decade or so as many people have discovered there are thousands of miles of navigable rivers and canals throughout the whole of Europe just waiting to be explored. With a modern cruising barge designed, for sea use as well as inland, the possibilities for cruising are almost endless. The level of comfort need not be compromised. These barges are stylish and fully self contained with all mod cons. A proper house which you can take with you. Some of the larger barges are quite capable of taking a small car on board!

There are many variations in shape, style size of a modern cruising barge to suit differing individual tastes. Styles and sizes may also fulfil particular functions.
Dutch barge conversions frequently carry many tonnes of concrete ballast, deadweight necessary to ensure they float at a level suitable for propeller immersion. All of our designs are cruising pleasure barges, ie designed for long term cruising of the European waterways, and not designed to carry cargo. This is reflected in their draughts and displacements which keep ballast to a minimum, usually only for trimming purposes.
In addition, these new designs are fitted with a more efficient rudder type providing greater manoeuvrability, especially at slow speeds, without the necessity of a bow thruster or “barn door” sticking out the back. A 17m barge can turn in her own length at say 1-2knots (or from stationary) and can be “parked” relatively easily at 1knot, even without the use of a bow thruster.
With the exception of the OBERON all others have a proper Dutch style stern ie without the flat narrow boat plate counter.
All of these barge designs are intended to be capable of coastal and cross channel passages in reasonable weather and conform to category “C” and in some cases “B” of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). This allows exploration of coastal areas between rivers or canals, cross channel, use on big lakes, etc..
Accommodation, deck and superstructure arrangements, engineering, etc. can all be varied to suit individual needs or specific requirements. These boats are best described as “fully self contained residences in a desirable location”, when the location loses it’s desirability move.